We are committed to the development of high standards of international education
  • English is the language of instruction and communication in the classroom and children are encouraged to use English from an early age. 
  • English lessons are taught by native speakers and subject lessons cover all aspects of development including moral, social and emotional awareness, creative skills, and independent thinking.
  • Our programme includes English, Reading,  Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Swimming, Art and Craft, Music and Dance, Computer Studies,  Bahasa Indonesia, and  Mandarin. 
We implement an interactive and thematic system in our approach
  • Weekly themes are integrated to our daily lessons and activities.
  • We hold theme-based activities such as Gardening, Pet day, Occupation dress up, and Cooking day.
Our English Programme
  • We have implemented a very successful Jolly Phonics Programme.
  • Children are taught the 42 letter sounds in a systematic approach.
  • They are taken through stages of blending sounds to form words, and then reading.
  • Skills per level:

TODDLER (2-3 yrs. old): Learning the letter sounds through sensory activities.

NURSERY (3-4yrs. old): Learning the letter sounds and writing.

K1 (4-5 yrs. old): Blending the letter sounds.

K2 (5-6 yrs. old): Reading and sentence writing. 

Annual Programmes and Educational Adventures
  • At Taman Rama Preschool, we celebrate a range of annual activities throughout the school year that are designed to enhance and promote our students’ needs, development, growth, and cultural awareness.
  • Important national and international events are celebrated and observed such as Independence Day, Christmas, Nyepi, Mother’s Day and many more.
  • Educational adventures are scheduled twice a year.
 Our Facilities
  • All classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and toilet
  • Computer room equipped with 20 computer units
  • Montessori room
  • Library
  • Music and dance room
  • Audio-visual room
  • 200 meter swimming pool
  • Small children’s swimming pool
  • Outdoor playground
  • Learning centre and indoor gym